Dispensing Health and Education Is a Spray Away!

Posted on February 23, 2015 By

A germophobic and his childhood friend came up with a unique idea, formed a new company to market it, and have placed more than 250 of their products in doctors’ waiting rooms in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in less than a year.

Lakewood residents Joe Hirsch, the CCO (chief creative officer) and Daniel Rubin, VP of business development, recently formed On the Spot Media (OTS), 216 River Avenue, Lakewood, and created a sturdy custom-designed mahogany display stand, featuring a touch-free Purell hand sanitizer dispenser with an 11 x 14 eye-level advertisement billboard on top.

The idea for a combined portable Purell station and advertising opportunity occurred to Hirsch when he was sitting in doctor’s offices among people who were coughing and obviously ill; and from working in a nursing home. Prior to forming OTS, Hirsch, a LNHA (licensed home nursing administrator) had worked for five years in a Newark nursing home in departments from administration to staffing and purchasing.

Before forming OTS with his childhood buddy from Brooklyn, Rubin developed and marketed brands to national levels for Guerilla Inc, Clifford, N.J. He earned a B.A. in business from Fairleigh Dickinson University, Rutherford, N.J.

Rubin said, “We feel our ‘point of care’ display is a much needed service. Patients, who are also consumers, spend an average of 25 minutes in the waiting room (Achieves of Family Medicine). What better place than that to provide touch-free Purell hand sanitizers and at the same time promote brands, products or educational materials that benefit patients.”

The Purell hand sanitizer displays are free for doctors’ offices if a sponsor or any company agrees to promote its goods or services on the display. It is the sponsorship that covers the cost of maintaining the displays. Hirsch and Rubin will actively look for the sponsors if a doctor wants a display in his office but does not have a sponsor for it.

For more information, contact Hirsch or Rubin at 732-987-3995 or visit www.OTSMediaLLC.com