Dress, Drain and Defend–The Three D’s to Fight Mosquitoes

Posted on March 2, 2016 By

Although the Zika virus has made its way into the United States in recent months through infected travelers, Marsha Luna-Grover, owner of The Mosquito Authority, a licensed, mosquito-repellant business in Brick, is suggesting people can take common sense steps to avoid contact with the very insects that carry the disease – mosquitoes.

Luna-Grover says, “Following the three D’s – Dress, Drain and Defend – can help minimize contact with mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. If we can help contribute to reducing the overall mosquito population, we as a community are doing our part.”

Dress: wear long sleeves and pants.

Drain: when possible, drain anything that may gather water. As the weather gets warmer, be conscious of standing water on your property from melting snow or excessive rain. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so turn over any items that might collect water, dispose of any unused clutter, clean up leaf debris and clogged gutters, and drill holes in containers that do not have a lid.

Defend: use approved repellents to protect against mosquito bites.

Some additional advice Luna-Grover offers clients is to keep shrubs trimmed and grass cut short to eliminate some of the shady areas where mosquitoes like to rest. Make sure the box for the sprinkling system is closed and no water has pooled in it. Shake out any gutter extensions and change bird bath water weekly. Luna-Grover also advises spraying yards professionally every 21 days, the average lifespan of a mosquito, to help maintain control of the mosquito population.

The Mosquito Authority is a private company that provides mosquito-repellent services throughout Ocean and Monmouth counties. The company identifies trouble areas and sprays so people can maximize their time with family and friends in outdoor living spaces.

The Mosquito Authority’s technicians spray a mild solution that poses no threat to children or pets. Should mosquitoes still be a problem, the technicians will re-inspect the property; and, if necessary, reapply the solution, free of charge. The company has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

Zika is carried through the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, most commonly found in tropical countries. A person infected with a mosquito-borne disease can carry it to a different country where it can spread if they are bitten by a local mosquito. Although scientists for now are unsure if mosquitoes suited to New Jersey’s climate will be able to spread the disease, controlling mosquito populations and taking sensible precautions are still key.

Luna-Grover says, “While Zika should be taken seriously, do not panic. Seek out accurate, up-to-date information about the disease. A lot about Zika is still unknown, and there is more to be learned about it each day. Avoid misinformation circulating about Zika and instead get information from trusted sources, such as the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and WHO.”

Luna-Grover, a Brick resident and former retail manager, launched Franchise #1198 of The Mosquito Authority in Brick because she is allergic to mosquitoes and was desperate to find a way to be able to enjoy the outdoors. “I came across a company that offered a service I didn’t even know about,” she said.

Luna-Grover holds a B.S. in business management from Kean University and a New Jersey pesticide license. The Mosquito Authority has franchises in 33 states.

For more information, contact Marsha Luna-Grover, The Mosquito Authority, Brick, at 732-998-5019 or Marsha@bugsbite.com, or visit www.BugsBite.com.