“East Side” Dave McDonald the First Full-time WRAT Hired in More than 12 Years

Posted on October 27, 2014 By

“East Side” Dave McDonald, a native of Monmouth County, has become the first new member of the fulltime air staff of Greater Media Radio Station 95.9 the WRAT-FM in more than 12 years. McDonald joins the Morning Show, featuring Rat Rock veteran Carl Craft and his sidekick, Dan Gottschalk known as Gotts.

Before joining the WRAT family, McDonald, who grew up in Spring Lake, N.J., and lives in Neptune, was a producer for the “Ron and Fez Show” on SIRIUS XM and made guest appearances on the “Opie and Anthony Show.” McDonald also had his own radio show called the “Davey Mac Sports Program XL.”

Following several television appearances on shows like TLC’s “America’s Worst Tattoos” and “truTV presents, Worlds Dumbest…,” Dave worked in comedy.

Carl Craft, WRAT-FM program director and Morning Show co-host, said, “Dave has been a great addition to the show. He’s got the fun, upbeat vibe that the show craves without being fake or over the top. He’s totally fitting in with me and Gotts, and so far the listeners have welcomed him to their favorite morning show. It’s funny how personally they’ve taken it, going so far as to ‘welcome him to The Rat’ at our first public appearance last Friday.”

For more information contact Program Director Carl Craft at craft@greatermedianj.com or 732-681-3800 Ext. 303 or Doug Sjonvall at Promorat@greatermedianj.com or 732-681-3800 Ext. 306

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