IDT Telecom Moves Key Operations to the Lakewood Industrial Park

Posted on May 18, 2011 By

IDT Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company with headquarters inNewark,N.J., is moving key engineering operations to theLakewoodIndustrial Park,Lakewood,N.J.  Approximately 60 full-time engineers, software developers, and service management professionals will work in theLakewoodoffice, developing software for IDT’s energy and telecommunications systems, and supporting IDT Telecom’s cable telephony customers.

Lakewood Township Attorney Lawrence E. Bathgate, founding partner of Bathgate, Wegener and Wolf, and a board member of IDT, said, “Lakewoodis a wonderful location for IDT.Lakewood’s industrial zone offers a highly professional environment; close proximity to major roadways; an airport; and, most significantly, a renewable resource of high quality talent to fuel its growth.Lakewood’s community, which is growing at a feverish pace, is full of highly educated and motivated individuals who can now find professional opportunity closer to home. This is a benefit to the company and the community.”

Steven Reinman, the director of economic development forLakewood, said, “IDT’s decision to relocate to our Industrial Park is further validation of the Department of Economic Development’s efforts to attract high quality employers and high quality jobs toLakewood.Lakewood’s Industrial andCorporateParksoffer a high quality business environment in northernOceanCounty. We welcome IDT to our family of companies and look forward to their continued growth and success.”

Shmuel Jonas, IDT’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “IDT’s highly skilled professional staff is our Company’s most valuable resource. Lakewoodis an excellent location for our employees and provides a wonderful working environment.  We are pleased to be here and look forward to a long term partnership with the township.”

IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT) is a public company focused on the telecommunications and energy industries. 

For further information, contact Steve Reinman at 732-364-2500 Ext. 5333.