Keep Plastic Bags Out of the Recycling Containers!

Posted on December 13, 2018 By

Thinking of putting those plastic bags in recycling? DON’T!!!  The Ocean County Recycling Center will not accept any recycled material or trash in plastic bags. It’s not up to Lakewood Public Works to determine what is acceptable; and when a load contains plastic bags, it is rejected, costing the township and taxpayers a lot of money to remove the unwanted materials.

Keep the following plastic items out of the yellow recycle containers:

No plastic bags, cups, plates, or silverware

No plastic food storage containers or lids

No plastic fast food containers

No plastic cafeteria or microwave trays

No plastic bottle caps and jar lids (plastic or metal)

No plastic six-pack holders

No plastic wrap, shrink wrap, and stretch film plastic

No caps, lids, pumps

If you are not sure if something should go in recycling (the yellow recycling can), call Lakewood Public Works Code Enforcement Supervisor Bob Treval at 732-905-3405 Ext. 6013.