Lakewood Deputy Mayor Langert States His View on the Defeated Fire Budget

Posted on March 22, 2011 By

Deputy Mayor Langert says, “On February 19, I voted in favor of the budget because I felt that the commissioners and their staff did a great job with a budget that increased the number of paid fireman to six, but at the same time reduced the tax burden by approximately $143,000.00.

“The majority of the people who voted that day, however, did not share the same feelings. The budget was defeated.  As an elected member of the Township Committee, I have an obligation and a duty to listen to the voice of the public, my employers. 

“The voters who elected me have expressed their feelings and the message I heard was clear:  The reduction to the budget was not enough. That is why we are more than tripling the amount of the tax cut from $132,648.00 to $432,648.00. 

”I have been assured that this cut will in no way compromise the fire protection we have in Lakewood. I believe this is what the voters want – maximum fire protection at the lowest possible cost.”