Lakewood Deputy Mayor Miller Promoted to Lt. Col. in U.S. Air Force

Posted on December 21, 2017 By

Lakewood Deputy Mayor Menashe P. Miller, who is a Major and Chaplain in the United States Air Force, 87th Air Base Wing, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., was recently promoted to the rank Chaplain Lieutenant Colonel, United States Air Force.

Former Joint Base Commander Frederick Thaden noted, Major Miller is a “superb leader and stellar chaplain (with) outstanding pastoral skills; a phenomenal leader who strengthens both the base and the community.”

Besides his military service and contributions to the troops, Major Miller has been devoted to giving back to his community by serving on the Lakewood Township Committee, to which he was elected in 2003.

Some of Major Miller’s military duties included providing pastoral care; advising commanders, military and family members on matters of faith, ethics, and morale; providing individual and group counseling; and engaging in interfaith community events.

Major Miller received the Air Force’s Outstanding Unit award in 2004 and 2008. Comments in the recommendation for his current promotion included that Major Miller is a “PR genius—Ambassador in Blue; best I’ve seen; incredible talent; dynamic and savvy leader, and vital to the spiritual fitness at the Joint Base.”

Some of Major Miller’s accomplishments included that he provided critical religious information to Lebanon evacuees and 138 Joint Base families; led 22 Jewish Holy Day programs; strengthened community relations; led multiple outstanding national prayer and leadership luncheons, and provided superb warrior care. In Iraq, Major Miller provided military mission support there, which included counseling; giving ministry to people of all faiths, even those not religiously affiliated; and accompanying convoys to provide moral support.

Even when he is not on duty, Major Miller is always available for calls from any base personnel who have questions about faith, family, or any other area.

Major Miller was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 2002. After attending officer training school at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, in 2003, he graduated as a First Lieutenant. In 2004, Miller was promoted to Captain, and shortly after he was promoted to Major.

Major Miller says, “As a Jew, and especially an Orthodox Jew, I feel a strong responsibility to give back to our country. The Jewish people have been persecuted in many countries for generations just for being Jewish. This is the first country in hundreds of years to actually allow people religious freedom and an expression of individuality. Joining the U.S. military is my way of giving back to this wonderful country.”