Lakewood Parking Is Free but Has Limits

Posted on January 14, 2013 By

Lakewood is fortunate to have a vibrant and exciting downtown with many unique stores and places to shop.  Township officials and Lakewood shop owners want everyone to have a great experience shopping in Lakewood, rather than driving somewhere else.  That is why some parking regulations will be taking effect.

Lakewood Township officials with the urging of downtown shop owners have adopted Downtown Parking Regulations, setting specific time limits for on-street parking spaces during normal business hours to enhance visitors’ and shoppers’ experiences in Downtown Lakewood.

To accommodate shoppers and visitors to the Municipal complex, Lakewood has numerous municipal parking lots with free all-day parking and just a few spaces with specific parking time limits.  Although Lakewood is one of the few towns that offer free parking in its Downtown as well, there is a limit, from one to three-hours, determining how long vehicles can remain in on-streets parking spaces.

Drivers who park in the Downtown are urged to take note of the signage or pavement markings in the Downtown. In the next month, Lakewood personnel will be giving out warnings to make everyone aware of the Downtown Parking Regulations. After that, vehicles in violation of parking ordinances will be subject to fines.

Mayor Albert Akerman said, “Once again, we appreciate your patronage of Lakewood businesses, and we encourage your support and assistance of our efforts to make every visitor’s experience to Downtown Lakewood a good one. Thank you for your cooperation.”