Lakewood School Security Program in Place

Posted on March 7, 2013 By

The Lakewood Police Department has always taken school security seriously; however, in light of recent national events, Chief Robert Lawson has met with Lakewood Mayor Ackerman and Police Liaison Meir Lichtenstein to discuss how to improve school security even more within the Township.

Chief Lawson stated, “One part of our plan is to establish a relationship with students, parents, and teachers in an effort to keep our private and public schools safe.”

Chief Lawson’s plan also includes educating school staff and increasing police patrols in and around schools.  The Police Department is instituting a program in which uniform patrol officers will randomly visit schools on a regular basis to create a more visible police presence if requested by a school administrator.

Two Lakewood police officers, who are receiving school security training approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, will be available to review “best practices” for school safety, teach current safety and emergency measures, and instruct administrators, staff and students about how to perform the four state-mandated security drills: lock down (active shooter), shelter in place, bomb threat and evacuation.

Administrators of Lakewood private and elementary schools who would like this special training for their schools or have a uniform police office make random school stops, should email Officer Robert DeSimone, Special Operations Division of the Lakewood Police Department at Be sure to include the school name, address, contact person and phone number or contact Officer DeSimone at 732-363-0200 Ext. 5372.