LDC Awards Two Microloans to UEZ Businesses

Posted on November 4, 2011 By

The board of trustees of the Lakewood Development Corporation (LDC) has awarded two microloans of $35,000 each to UEZ businesses.  Serenity Health Group Management LLC, 426 Clifton Avenue, is a mental and behavioral health care company made up of licensed mental health professionals that provides services to long-term care and assisted living facilities. Serenity Health Group Management  will use the microloan to hire additional employees and increase its working capital.

The second microloan was awarded to Set Your Table LLC,  916 River Avenue,  Chateau Plaza shopping center, a specialty boutique offering dinnerware, fine china, flatware, stemware and table linens among other items. Established in 2008, Set Your Table will use its microloan to expand lines of merchandise and hire additional staff.

Abraham Muller, the chairman of the Lakewood Development Corporation, says, “The mission of the LDC is to increase business and business opportunities for Lakewood.  These microloans, which focus on small business needs, can provide just the boost a small business needs to make it more successful.”

Patricia Komsa, director of the UEZ for Lakewood, reports  that the Microloan Program is still accepting applications for small-business loans up to $35,000 at a 3 ½ percent interest rate.  Microloans are funds that can be used for working capital, supplies and machinery, the purchase of inventory, and to  refurbish existing facilities. Microloans are also available for businesses seeking to establish, expand, or redevelop their companies. Both of these programs are available to Lakewood UEZ-certified businesses.

If a business is not UEZ certified or for further questions, call the Lakewood UEZ office at 732-364-2500 Ext. 5217. Businesses interested in applying for a Microloan should contact the  Lakewood Development Corporation at 732-363-2500 Ext. 5257 or visit www.lakewoodnj.gov for more information. Interested parties can always visit the UEZ office, Room 12 of the  Lakewood Municipal, 231 Third Street, Lakewood, for more information.