Newly Formed Lakewood Police Foundation Elects Its First Board of Directors

Posted on May 4, 2011 By

The newly formed Lakewood Police Foundation (LPF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation, elected its first board of directors, with Lakewood Police Chief Robert Lawson as an ex-officio member.  The chairman is David M. Fried, who served as a member and chairman of the N.J. Police and Firemen’s Retirement System from 1964-1984.

Other officers include Rabbi Moishe Ehrman, treasurer, who is the deputy coordinator of the Lakewood Office of Emergency Management; and Larry S. Loigman, counselor and founder of the LPF.  Other directors are Dr. Richard H. Roberts, president and CEO of URL Pharma; and Enrique Percal, owner of Percal Investments.  

The mission of the LPF is to encourage community support, recognize outstanding service, and increase the safety and law enforcement capabilities of law enforcement personnel. The LPF does not directly solicit funds, but all donations are accepted.

David Fried says, “This organization was founded by a small group of people who love this community and who appreciate the men and women on the job for their professionalism and dedication to their mission toward the safety and well-being of the people they serve.

“Lakewood’s police force is one of the best in New Jersey and we want it to stay this way; however, we recognize the economic slow-down we are going through and wish to be able to supplement, not replace, your ability to provide the equipment they need to provide their services to the community while also providing a safe environment for the people of Lakewood and for themselves.”

Checks can be made out to the Lakewood Police Foundation and mailed to P.O. Box 763,

Lakewood, N.J. 08701.