PrimeTime Center Opens Its Third Location – Now in Brick

Posted on October 24, 2017 By

PrimeTime Center, a day habilitation program for adults with developmental disabilities, has opened its third location at 485 Brick Boulevard, Brick, New Jersey. The other New Jersey locations are 60 High Street, Carteret, and 240 Broad Street, Eatontown. Eligible adults can apply for PrimeTime Center services through the Division of Developmental Disabilities. Transportation is provided to and from the program for participants who live within a five-mile radius.

The mission of PrimeTime Center is to help participants live life to its fullest by practicing independent living skills, such as meal planning, shopping, money management, travel training, housekeeping and using appropriate computer applications and digital tools to solve real life problems.

According to David Mock, director of PrimeTime Center, participants seldom spend the day inside centers. Visits to local restaurants, shopping centers, theaters, museums, financial institutions, and other community-based instruction trips are incorporated into the daily schedule. In addition, participants can take advantage of local community volunteer opportunities.

Besides a full-time, self-directed day program, PrimeTime Center provides the services of a parent liaison to work closely with families and participants in identifying and completing all necessary forms and documents needed to access the various federal, state and local supports and services.

Mock said, “Adults learn best when there are varied opportunities to develop and practice skills, and when these skills can be applied to real world settings. We provide each individual with the opportunity to identify strengths, abilities, preferences, support needs, etc.  Unlike other facilities, we put an emphasis on real community experiences for adults with developmental disabilities.”

PrimeTime Centers are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., all year except for traditional holidays. For more information about the Brick site, call (848) 241-5700 or email Visit

About PrimeTime Center: PrimeTime Center, approved by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) and Medicaid, provides programs for adults with developmental disabilities throughout New Jersey to help adults achieve their full potential and lead independent lives. Services for PrimeTime clients include acquiring skills for independent living; functional language arts and math instruction; community-based instruction; training in consumer skills, socialization, and self-advocacy; volunteerism; communication skill building; recreational opportunities; physical fitness, and field trips.

Participants experience peer interaction, and participate in group discussions and role playing activities designed to enhance social interaction. PrimeTime Center provides a wide range of recreational and leisure time experiences using outside resources, such as museums, community festivals, the local YMCA, the local libraries, bowling alleys, theaters, parks, and local sports and fitness venues.