The Bridge over Lake Carasaljo, Lakewood

Posted on May 29, 2024 By

For years, Lakewood residents have been asking for a bridge that goes over Lake Carasaljo. Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles said that in rebuilding other structures around the Lake, the township decided to actually build the bridge, constructing it of a plastic that is used for floating docks to minimize any upkeep. The bridge is about 800 to 850 feet long and was constructed by EZ Docks.

Mayor Coles said, “The site for the bridge is at a place where we don’t want boats going because it is muddy and full of weeds. In the past, boats that went into that area often got stuck. The police who went there to rescue those boaters, often got stuck too!!”

The construction did not take long — just a few months. The cost of construction and materials was about one million dollars, which was paid for with block grants that also included the police and recreation docks, and the resident recreation dock. No taxpayer money was used.

Patrick Donnelly, the municipal manage of Lakewood, said, “The bridge is heavily used, which is a positive. Currently there is a safety fence to prevent children from falling off the bridge. In addition, decorated panels are being installed over the fencing as an extra measure of safety.”

Since the bridge is mainly for walking, no scooters and e-bikes are allowed especially for the safety of pedestrians. Although no tables are on the bridge, benches to sit or fish from are available. People are advised to wear hats because no covers exist to shield walkers from the sun.

Mayor Coles said, “We are always looking to increase the recreational activities for our residents. With the construction of the bridge, more people have access to the lake and more people can enjoy the water.”

Photos by Jason Ochs, Lakewood DPW