2019 Leaf Pickup Schedule in Lakewood Township

Posted on October 24, 2019 By

Almost everyone loves to look at the beautiful colors of fall leaves. Although they are wonderful when they are on the trees, leaves become a problem when they pile up on the ground. The Lakewood Department of Public Works (DPW), however, will help pick up all those fallen leaves according to the zone in which residents live.

If your normal trash and recycling pick-up is Monday, you are in Zone 1; Tuesday is Zone 2; Wednesday is Zone 3, and Thursday is Zone 4. The weekends and holidays are not listed as of now; but as the leaves fall and more residents starting putting them out, the Lakewood DPW will put crews out at those times. Leaf season officially ends Tuesday, December 31.

Some things to remember about those leaves: Number 1 – Know your Zone and do not call for leaf pickup. Number 2 – Do NOT put leaves in bags! Also do not put leaf piles near your bulk pickup items. Number 3 – As a safety precaution, rake the leaves in a neat pile away from storm drains and curb corners. Number 4 – Divide your pick up into three separate categories – leaves, brush, logs— because separate trucks pick up different items Number 5 – Be sure no branches are attached to those leaves. Brush is another term for branches. To get rid of brush, cut the branches into four-foot lengths and place them separate from the leaves. Branches that are larger than four feet in length and/or four inches in diameter are considered logs. The township does not and cannot pick up logs…sorry.

For more information, call the Department of Public works at 732-905-3405.