Bearing Hope Foundation Launches New Website

Posted on June 9, 2021 By

The Bearing Hope Foundation announced the launch of its website This New Jersey nonprofit was started by the Vogel Family to bring some comfort and companionship to children going through a traumatic event by holding a “Bears We Care,” special event each year during which teddy bears for children are built and delivered to Children’s Hospitals and Law Enforcement Organizations.

The Bearing Hope Foundation has several initiatives in mind for the future. In addition to “Bears We Care,” their goal is to give four scholarships each year to those who want to advance their education and training in the field of Public Health.

The Foundation also designed “Giving Back for Life,” a program to help cover cleanup costs to families of First Responders and Veterans who have lost their lives to suicide.

The Vogel family, with their help and several other business associates, started donating bears in 2018. With enough monetary support, they are hoping to expand this foundation to help as many others as possible. The new website will provide their goals and information about the nonprofit, donating, and volunteering.

For more information about The Bearing Hope Foundation, visit To speak to someone at the Foundation, email