Brick Woman Opens Business So She Can Enjoy Mosquito-Free Outdoors

Posted on May 22, 2014 By

What if you were allergic to mosquitoes? Imagine being “eaten alive” and miserable at picnics, backyard activities, pool parties, barbecues, and any outdoor activities.

Marsha Luna-Grover, Brick, is allergic to mosquitoes and like many people she was desperate to find a solution just to be able to enjoy the outdoors. She tried all the home remedies – garlic, the Bounce sheet, Listerine, Skin So Soft—and none of them worked for her.

Luna-Grover said, “I came across a company, which offered a service I didn’t even know about. I was pessimistic at first. I didn’t think it was going to work and then I was very impressed when it did, so much so that we were going around and telling our friends and family that we used this great service and that it was really working.”

Instead of slathering herself with insect repellent and hovering around citronella, Luna-Grover became proactive about her mosquito allergy. The first weekend this May, she launched her business The Mosquito Authority #1198, a franchise now found in 33 states.

Through her company, trained technicians spray a mild EPA solution every 21 days – the average life span of the mosquito—that poses no risk to children or pets. The trained technicians walk through the property to identify any type of mosquito breeding habitat, treating any foliage and shrubs where mosquitoes typically hide.

Lunar-Grover explains, “Only the female mosquito bites because she needs a blood meal to obtain protein in order to lay eggs. Mosquitoes don’t breed in shrubs; they breed in standing water and need water to complete their life cycle. We typically don’t treat grass because while mosquitoes may rest there, they don’t breed in grass.”

The Mosquito Authority suggests spraying every 21 days, the average life span of the mosquito. “Once we spray,” Luna-Grover says, “you don’t have to slather yourself in mosquito-repellent products. You don’t have to use citronella. You just go outdoors and enjoy your backyard.”

Should a homeowner or business still be bothered by mosquitoes, The Mosquito Authority will do a re-inspection of your property; and if necessary, apply another application, free of charge. The service is 100 percent guaranteed.

Before starting her own business, Luna-Grover worked in management for 10 years in various positions for Costco Wholesale. Luna-Grover graduated at the top of her class from Kean University, a partner of Ocean County College, with a B.S. in business management. She holds a New Jersey pesticide license and is certified in CPR and First Aid.

She is a member of the Brick, Point Pleasant Beach, and Southern Monmouth chambers of commerce. She is also an active member of the PTA at St. Dominic’s School in Brick, and a pack leader for Pack 17, her son’s Boy Scout troop. She sponsors the Point Pleasant Soccer Club, Brick Little League, and the Freehold Township Little League, and the Ocean County Brick Library branch.

Luna-Grover stays involved in local communities. She says, “We are not just trying to make a sale. We are trying to educate the community about mosquito borne diseases and provide ways for people to help themselves and their fellow neighbors by informing them about how to minimize the standing water, which will help reduce mosquito breeding.”

For more information contact Marsha Luna-Grover at 732-998-5019 or The website is