Lakewood EMS Receives Grant for K-9 Oxygen Kits

Posted on November 12, 2013 By

The Lakewood Township Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 1555 Pine Street, has received a K-9 Grant from the EmmaZen Foundation, California, to purchase four K-9 oxygen kits, valued at $250.00.

The pet oxygen masks, used for K-9 injuries of service dogs and personal pets, are special masks that fit over a dog’s snout, providing a high flow of oxygen while trained personnel try to resuscitate the canine animals and service dogs from a fire or from an injury.

Scott Carter, EMS supervisor, said, “The grant will allow us to standardize each township ambulance and first responder unit with pet rescue kits. The rescue kit provides the medical staff with the ability to provide emergency oxygen therapy to any size animal that becomes injured as the result of a residential fire or in the line of duty.”

These rescue kits will work in conjunction with the medical equipment already on the township ambulances and emergency services support unit to provide high quality resuscitative care to animals in a time of crisis.

For more information, contact Scott Carter at 732-534-1835. The EmmaZen Foundation accepts donations from individuals and businesses.

About the EmmaZen Foundation: The EmmaZen Foundation, a national organization, focuses on pet safety and emergency response to service animals (K-9) and personal pets. The Foundation is nationally sponsored and collects donations from individual and business associates who give back to the community in which they live or work. This giveback is because people understand that it is estimated that 92 percent of all dogs and cats will experience an emergency during their lifetime. According to The American Animal Hospital Association, 25 percent more animals could be saved if just one pet first-aid technique were applied prior to them getting professional veterinary care.