Lakewood Mayor Ray Coles with Good News! Parks Reopen Tomorrow – Property Taxes Deferred

Posted on April 29, 2020 By

Lakewood Mayor Coles has announced that the township will be reopening Lakewood parks and the lake tomorrow April 30, with the exception of Pine Park. All playgrounds, however, will remain closed for the time being.

Because Pine Park is being used for food distribution, an important public service, that park will be open on Saturday and Sunday only.

Mayor Coles reminds everyone to maintain all the social distancing guidelines put into effect for staying healthy during the COVID-19 situation. “It’s very important that we keep the disease curve on the downward trend. In order to do that, we have to keep staying six (6) feet apart from each other; wear masks if possible; try not to touch your face – all the things that should have become second nature to you by now.

“Governor Murphy’s last executive order also allows us to defer the payment of property taxes until June 1st. I know many of us are having a very rough time and I hope this will relieve a little of the stress you are experiencing right now.

“With the nice weather coming, hopefully, we’ll all be able to get out and wave to each other from across the street! So again – enjoy the parks; but, please, maintain your distance, wear a mask if at all possible, and stay safe. I just can’t wait for us all to get back to normal.”