Lakewood Schools Have Bragging Rights!

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The residents and community can be very proud of the 2017 Lakewood High School (LHS) graduating class. They won more than $70,000 in academic, community, and sports scholarships, and were recognized by the state with free college tuition for 22 students.

Lakewood Committeeman Michael D”Elia said, “We have good teachers and coaches, and excellent students who should get the credit and recognition they deserve.”

Laura Winters, superintendent of the Lakewood School District, said, “I am extremely proud of the Lakewood School District teachers, staff, coaches and students. It is amazing to see the tireless effort, energy and hard work that the school community puts forth to ensure the success of all students both on the field and in the classroom….Piner Pride!”

Oscar Orellana, the LHS wrestling coach said, “Each senior who continues his or her education is a product of endless hours of effort from the educators past and present in our school district. They are a testament to remind us all that our efforts are not in vain. In the face of adversity, our students found a way to succeed. They’re prepared to face the challenges of life after high school more than they will ever know but soon realize.  We all do!  PMA – Positive Mental Attitude!”

Recognition in sports and scholarships include Uriel Bohorquez (Cross Country, Wrestling, Track and Field) who was offered $14,000 academic/athletic scholarship from Lackawanna College to join the men’s cross country team; Soso Chakiashuili (Wrestling, Track and Field) who received an academic scholarship from Monmouth University; Isiah Francis (Football, Wrestling, and Track and Field) who received a financial aid package from Montclair State University; Louis Garcia (Soccer, Wrestling, and Tennis) who will be attending Ocean County College; Marco Morales (Wrestling) who plans to attend a trade school to become a certified mechanic; Jose Ramos (Wrestling. and Track and Field) who is in basic training with the U.S. Army.

Because 22 Lakewood High School (LHS) STARS students are academic scholars, they will be attending a two-year college, tuition free, paid for by the state.  In addition approximately $74,000 in scholarships were awarded on scholarship night to LHS seniors from local community organizations.

*In the list below please note additional information about the awards and scholarships:

  • Dale Reese, LHS athlete, given in his memory by his wife
  • D’Andrea Family in honor of their three children, all LHS graduates
  • FMBA Local 80, a union representing career firefighters in the Lakewood Fire Department
  • Friedlander Scholarship, given by Bernice Friedlander a LHS Alumna, Class of 1960
  • Gertner Memorial Scholarship, given in memory of Howard Gertner by the Gertner family
  • John F. Patrick, former Superintendent of Schools, given in his memory by his family
  • LEA is the Lakewood Education Association
  • Matthew Family to a student who excels in track or cross country
  • Pan Diversity and Pan Excellence, given by Paul Pan, 2010 LHS graduate
  • Project Venture, sponsored by N.J. Natural Gas, is available to those who participated as LMS students in the Project Venture Mentoring program
  • Struggle Made, given by Lakewood community members with fundraising spearheaded by Ricky Maldonado
  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority of educated women involved in community service

 The names of 30 seniors and amounts they received from Lakewood community organizations are listed below. For more information, see the list starred list (*) above.

    1. Ashley Addison: $5,000 ($1,000 from Blackhawks, Ocean County Mayor’s Assoc., LHS Alumni Assoc., NAACP, and Pan Diversity*; and $500 from Friedlander*.
    2. Robert Albarran: $500 from Lakewood PBA, Local #713
    3. Jacintha Arthur: $1500 ($1,000 from LHS Alumni Assoc.; $500 from Friedlander*)
    4. 4. Jennifer Axalco: $1,000 from Arts & Culture Group of Fairways, Lakewoo
    5. Yadira Campos-Perez: $1,000 from the Gertner Family*6/.
    6. Orlando Cazares: $500 from Armand Rook Reyes, a 2008 LHS Graduate7.
    7. Joselin Chacon: $1,300 ($1,000 from LHS Alumni Assoc.; $350 from Friedlander*)
    8. Soso Chakiashuili: $5,000 ($2,000 from Dale Reese*; $1,000 from Ocean First Bank and Lakewood Education Assn./LEA.; and $500 from Lakewood PBA, Local #71)
    9. Abril Chico: $2,300 ($1,000 from LEA and Rotary; $350 from Friedlander*)
    10. Jah’sir Cooper: $500 from Jack Ardon, LHS Athlete, given by the Class of 1958
    11. Thania Cotto: $1,000 from John F. Patrick*– for lst generation to attend college
    12. Iyania Donaldson: $500 from SGA – Student Government Association
    13. Ruth Fiore: $7,200 ($1,000 from Blackhawks, LEA, LHS Alumni Assn; Pan Excellence*; and OC Mayor’s Assn.; $500 each from Zeta Phi Beta*, Friedlander*, DARE, and the Lakewood Chamber; and $200 from Oak Street School Alumni and PTO.
    14. Louis Garcia: $2,000 ($1000 from Rotary; $500 from D’Andrea Family* and Friedlander*)
    15. Andrea Gonzalez: $1,800 ($1,000 from Rotary; $500 from All Saints Episcopal Church for Community Service; $300.00 from Friedlander*)
    16. Tayon Hart: $2,500 ($1,000 from the Family of Edwin R. Brandt in His Memory, and LHS Alumni Assn.; and $500 from Struggle Made*
    17. Jenifer Hernandez: $7,450 ($2,000 from Project Venture*; $1,000 from Arts & Culture Group of Fairways, Lakewood; Retired Educators of Ocean County, Blackhawks, Outreach Club, and LHS Alumni Assn.; $350 from Friedlander*; and $100 from Oak Street School PTO)
    18. Pilar Herrera: $120 from LHS PTSO
    19. Jasbeth Lopez: $2000 ($1000 LHS Alumni Assoc.; $500 from Friedlander* and Lakewood PBA, Local #71)
    20. Nelvy Lopez-Aragon: $5,500 ($2,000 from Dale Reese*; $1,000 from Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation to recognize outstanding college bound students; and Ocean First Bank; $500 from LHS Athletics, Matthews Family*, and Struggle Made*)
    21. Daniela Madriz: $7,500 ($5,000 from Ocean, Inc.; $1,000 from Tzu Chi Foundation to recognize outstanding college bound students, and Rotary; and $500 from DARE)
    22. Leiasia McReynolds: $1750 ($1,000 from Arts & Culture Group of Fairways, Lakewood; $500 from DARE; and $250 from Tilton Truex, given by the family to a student majoring in education)
    23. Cathy Rivera: $500 from SGA
    24. Yoselin Rivera: $120 from LHS PTSO
    25. Karen Rodriguez: $1,000 ($500 from PALS and All Saints Episcopal Church for Community Service)
    26. Justin Saldarriaga: $1,100 ($750 from Lakewood FMBA* Local 80 and $350 from Friedlander
    27. Maria Sosa:  $1000 from Lakeland Bank
    28. Yazzmin Sunnerville: $750 from FMBA* Local 80
    29. Dorian Vaughn:   $4,750 ($2,000 from Dale Reese*; $1000 from LEA; $500 from the family of Robert Clark, a LHS Athlete, in his memory; and $250 from LHS Athletic Assoc.)
    30. Elizabeth Villanueva: $2,550 ($1000 from Rotary; $500 from Lions Club and PALS; $300 from Friedlander; and $250 from Athletic Assoc.)