LIC Approves All Chem Solar Project

Posted on March 14, 2023 By

The Lakewood Industrial Commission (LIC) recently approved a lease amendment authorizing the development of a large solar energy project proposed by All Chemical Transport Corporation (All Chem) at its parking facility, 2000 Swarthmore, Lakewood, N.J. All Chem is a highly regulated DOT (Department of Transportation) trucking company. The solar project will provide power for All Chem, neighboring facilities, charging stations, and heavy-duty trucks. Approximately 5,000 panels will be installed with a targeted completion date of about a year to 18 months from now. IPPsolar is the solar developer sponsoring the project.

At the Park and Ride, adjacent to 2000 Swarthmore, electric vehicle charging will also be installed by IPPsolar. “We are honored to be constructing three renewable energy projects in the Lakewood Industrial Park,” said business development executive Chad Hazelton. “This business park embodies best practices and continues to evolve at an impressive pace.”

Additionally, construction of an All Chem solar array at 1975 Rutgers Avenue should be completed by this July. This project will be used to power much of the existing electrical load on the property. Roughly 500 panels will be installed using 40 ft. IPP Sun Boxes. An IPP Sun Box is a new solar application that avoids traditional roof install and ground mount challenges. IPP Sun Boxes, in 20ft. or 40ft. sizes, are a free-standing solar power enclosures that can also be used for various purposes such as an office, storage shed, plant nursery, or workshop.

According to Hazelton, “All Chem owner Steve Quadrel and COO Anthony Coruccini are transport leaders who possess a forward-looking vision that includes the early adoption of renewable technologies.”

“Installing solar will help All Chem better manage costs as we begin to electrify parts of our fleet.” said Coruccini.

Steve Reinman, executive director of the LIC, is confident that the energy supplied by the arrays at, and adjacent to 2000 Swarthmore will also benefit Lakewood Industrial Park transportation-focused vehicles as well as the chargers for cars at the adjacent Park-and-Ride.

About All Chemical: All Chemical manages every aspect of liquid bulk transportation. Whether transporting chemicals in its tankers or customer’s ISO containers, All Chemical can manage the process from start to finish, from loading and delivery to storage, washing, and service. All Chemical is currently recruiting experienced drivers. If you have at least three years of Class A experience, please inquire at

About IPPSolar: IPPSolar develops, builds, owns, and operates solar and energy storage systems at commercial and industrial properties. Since 2008, IPP has installed more than 70 systems in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. IPPSolar is 100 percent employee owned with offices in New York and New Jersey. Visit for more information.