Local Jewelry Merchant Donates “Gems” to Lakewood Historical Museum

Posted on April 15, 2013 By

Tom Calabro, the owner of Twin City Jewelers, 36 Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, has donated ten oak jewelry display cases, a significant donation, to Lakewood’s developing historical museum.

Calabro said, “When I heard that they (the Lakewood Historical Society) finally had a location for the museum and that they needed help, I thought that since we were renovating the store that our showcases, which were still in great shape, would be a ‘gem’ of a donation for the museum.  And it would facilitate getting my collection displayed there as well.”

Calabro’s collection started with his uncle Joseph Sgro, who owned Twin City Jewelers in the 70s until he died in 1993. Although Sgro’s primary interest was jewelry, he was an avid collector of Lakewood memorabilia, some of which he displayed in his store along with the jewelry he sold.

Calabro says, “He’s the one who really got me started. My uncle collected Lakewood memorabilia and artifacts for as long as I can remember.”

Calabro, who started working in Twin City when he was 13 years old, eventually became a master goldsmith and stone-setter. But even while earning a degree in chemistry from Georgian Court University and later attending dental school at UMDNJ, Calabro always held dear his uncle’s deep love of Lakewood. When his uncle died, Calabro bought the store and continued to collect Lakewood memorabilia and artifacts.

“All through the years,” Calabro said, “I have very actively sought out Lakewood antiques. You name it, I have every high school yearbook going back to the 30s, glassware, really amazing things.  When that museum opens, I am going to fill a very large portion of it with my collection.”

Right now the collection has to wait for the museum to open. “It’s all packed away in my basement just waiting to see the light of day in that museum,” exclaims Calabro.

To make financial donations or to donate Lakewood memorabilia or artifacts, call the museum at 732-920-4550.