LRRC and Lakewood Recreation Sponsor an HPV Immunization Education and Awareness Event

Posted on August 2, 2016 By

Jeffrey Shapiro, supervisor of Lakewood Recreation, recently organized a special event for the LRRC (Lakewood Resource and Referral Center) as part of its HPV* Immunization Education and Awareness campaign. The event focused on the Lakewood Recreation soccer teams at the John F. Patrick Sports Complex, Oak and Vine streets, Lakewood.

About 150 children and adults received information about HPV vaccines, were entertained by two illusionists, and took home free backpacks, funded by the CDC.

Sue Grill-Levy, R.N., explained the dangers of the HPV virus, how it is contracted, and how the vaccination can prevent this disease. Oscar Orellana, one of the coaches for the Lakewood Recreation Soccer team and a guidance counselor at the Ella G. Clarke elementary school translated the presentation into Spanish.

Orellana, who has witnessed the effort that school nurse Nadine Rickards has put into promoting the HPV vaccinations to the students, feels it is very important to reach out to and educate the Hispanic community about the HPV vaccination.
Illusionists James Gavilanes and Miles Thorn entertained the audience, using magic to emphasize the importance of HPV Immunization. Gavilanes, of Hispanic descent, also made his presentation bi-lingual, ensuring the participation and understanding of everyone in the audience.

The LRRC distributed about 100 backpacks, designed with LRRC and CHEMED (Center for Health Education, Medicine and Dentistry) logos and sporting the message “Support the Fight against Cancer.” The backpacks contained HPV Immunization information sheets in Spanish and English.

After the event, 42 parents said they are planning to get an HPV vaccination for their child. Twenty-five more requested that the LRRC contact them to set up an immunization appointment.

Mayer Hoberman, executive director of social services, said, “Our goal in holding events such as this one, is to gain support for immunization within the community and to promote the LRRC and CHEMED as the resources for good health.”

For more information about immunizations or to schedule an immunization appointment, call Tzipporah Zar at CHEMED, 732-364-2144, Ext. 282. For information about the LRRC, contact Mechie Nebenzahl, at 732-942-9292, Ext.112 or

*HPV is a virus transmitted through intimate skin-to-skin contact and can infect both males and females, and lead to cancer in both sexes. A vaccine for HPV, licensed by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), has been deemed safe and is highly recommended by the FDA and the CDC. Since vaccinations began in 2006, “the amount of HPV infections in teen girls decreased by 56 percent.” (Taken from

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