Leaf Pickup Schedule in Lakewood Township

Posted on October 26, 2022 By

The leaves are already falling, becoming a problem when they pile up on the ground. The Lakewood Department of Public Works (DPW), however, will help pick up all those fallen leaves according to the zone in which residents live. If your normal trash and recycling pick-up is Monday, you are in Zone 1; Tuesday is Zone 2; Wednesday is Zone 3, and Thursday is Zone 4. Leaf season officially ends Friday, December 30.

Some important reminders: Number 1 – Know your Zone and do not call for leaf pickup. Place the leaves out before your week of pickup. Number 2 – Do NOT put leaves in bags! Also do not put leaf piles near your bulk pickup items. Number 3 – As a safety precaution, rake the leaves in a neat pile away from storm drains and curb corners. Number 4 – Please place the leaves out to the curb on the street. No brush or trash can be mixed in with the piles. Number 5: Never park on top of a leaf pile. Doing so can cause a fire!

For more information and leaf pickup schedule, visit the Township Website https://www.lakewoodnj.gov/department/public_works or call the Department of Public works at 732-905-3405.